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Professional, broadly educated, down-to-earth

My name is Daniëlle Verstraate (1979) (800+ education + VYN).  My background is secretarial work at management and medical level with various teaching positions and training, such as aerobics, fitness, pilates, spinning.  From 2000 I started to deepen and retrain myself in yoga. Since then I have not let go of yoga and it has become a way of life. Because of my experience in different sectors, I am able to provide the right tools and language for every person to make a lesson a pleasant experience. I have a lot of experience with various requests for help and can provide appropriate lessons. 

Recognized training

Since 2016 I have stopped doing neurological secretarial and assistant work for headache patients in order to fully focus on the field of yoga. Organizing, contact with customers, continuing to develop is always an itch. From 2019 I rolled into yoga management. Professionally organizing workshops, and guiding you through everything involved in managing a large yoga center. 

My knowledge in the field of yoga concerns regular yoga classes for example meditation, better breathing, more energy, burnout, back problems and stress. I am also specialize in various diseases and subjects, such as RSI, rheumatic and neurological complaints, cancer, nutrition, Chinese teachings, children, chakras. I am a member of the Yoga Association Netherlands. Only teachers with a recognized training and regular further training can join this association. 

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Why would you take lessons with me? If you had told me years ago that I would become a yoga teacher, I certainly would have doubted. But during a yoga class, this changed. I came home completely relaxed and had the feeling that my body and mind had come to rest, even though I had participated very actively. My motivation in teaching is being able to contribute to inner development, learning to feel, transform patterns, feeling good about yourself and relieving or remedying physical complaints. In addition, I like to be able to provide an anatomical substantiation in my lessons. Increasing awareness and making inner powerful are spearheads in my lessons. Trust your own intuition and follow it.

My dream is that yoga is integrated into regular care and is not dismissed as something floaty. Floaty mainly stems from not knowing what yoga entails. Yoga is often exposed in the media with incense, hippie clothes, going into a trance, worshiping gurus and yogis who have not woven yoga into daily life but isolate themselves.

Yoga is a way of life

Dalai Lama once said: “If every child in the world would be taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation”. 

Yoga is a way of life. Increasing awareness through self-examination allows you to see that you yourself create the outer and inner world by doing things and thereby acquire or maintain a self-image. In the end we all come from the same source/energy/god/etc. There is one consciousness instead of a separate sense of each person's self-image. You can let go of control and come into the experience of being instead of causing. You become who you are.


Through yoga you increase the insight about yourself. You learn to feel better and to recognize signals in your own body more quickly. This makes it easier for you to explain to a specialist what has changed and what you feel. This helps to tackle a complaint/limitation earlier or even to start preventive work.

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West meets east

West meets east. I do not claim that without regular medicine and only yoga you can cure everything. Almost every day I meet people with various chronic conditions who are stuck in a cycle of pills, pain and psychological problems. As soon as we enter regular care, we are divided into (body) compartments and referred from doctor to doctor. My motivation lies in offering self-examination into your own strengths from within. Certainties arise from yourself and not from the outside world. 

I am a migraine patient myself and have had back and neck / shoulder complaints in the past. Because of yoga, my back and neck / shoulder complaints have disappeared through 100 days of starting practice. The migraines has now gone away. Fears and frustrations are also not unknown to me. Pills, massages, buying stuff, etc. can temporarily help, but eventually an uncomfortable feeling arises that manifests itself physically and / or mentally.

Relevant (additional) training

In addition to many administrative, medical and photography-courses, the following (additional) courses are for the yoga profession:

  • Weekly classes at various yoga studios (including bikram, bar yoga, critica alignment, hatha, yin, vinyasa)

  • Daily meditation

  • Lessons in Bali, New York, Spain

  • Bodybalance refresher training every quarter

  • Read a yoga book every week

  • Listening to weekly podcasts about yoga/health/consciousness


  • Until 2010 in addition to thebasic various gym-related training/courses such as spinning, zumba, body balance.

  • 2010 Aalo body and mind teacher (yoga and pilates)

  • 2011 Children's Yoga Dolphin Wellness

  • 2012-2016 Samsara yoga training  (including kashmir, hatha, stroke, ms, parkinson, cans, relaxation techniques, headache, sleep complaints, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, connective tissue, neck/shoulder, back, knee, all targeted/muscles, anatomy (including Paul Grilley inspired), chakras , chinese teachings, philosophy advaita vendanta, meditation (zen, vipassana, mindfulness sitting still guided by gestalt therapist), 5 tibetans, stress, polarity exercises, days of silence and walks, nutrition, cleansing, pranayama, tea ceremony, voice/mantra, final thesis yinyoga and connective tissue).

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  • 2013 Lecture Paul Smit 2x

  • 2013 Power yoga course

  • 2013 Meditation course

  • 2013 Lecture Jan Geurtz

  • 2013 Lecture Vincent Duindam

  • 2013 Meditation Tijn Touber

  • 2013 Workshop yoga to get pregnant

  • 2013 Workshop hatha/Tara Stiles

  • 2014 Deepening in detox (weekend)

  • 2014 Workshop yoga and aplomb/Maartje van Hooft

  • 2014 Workshop yoga and first aid/Daphne van Lunzen

  • 2014 Workshop Do-In/Lilian Kluivers

  • 2014 Lecture Johan Noorloos

  • 2014 Workshop Kundalini yoga

  • 2014 Yinyoga workshop/Skadi van Paasschen

  • 2014 Workshop yoga pregnant 

  • 2014 Course Sivananda yoga/Lena Tencredi

  • 2015 Training Yoga and cancer 

  • 2015 Workshop Tibetan yoga/ Mariette de Kroon

  • 2015 Workshop Tibetan yoga, meditation, satsang/Lu Jong

  • 2015 Aging/Samsara Yoga Congress

  • 2016 Workshop yoga barre/Willemieke Verweij

  • 2016 Webinar pregnant women in class

  • 2017 Course restoritative with mats and strip/Iekelien Buurman

  • 2017 Intensive Critical Alignment/Annemarie Teeuwen

  • 2017 Webinar Smart starts

  • 2017 Lecture Miles Neale

  • 2017 Workshop Ashtanga/Eddie Stern

  • 2017 Workshop Hatha yoga breath/Max Strom

  • 2017 Cocoa Ceremony with Yin Yoga/Afke Reyenga with Jennifer Ann

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  • 2018 Barre training

  • 2018-2019 Hormone yoga training/Sylvia Mullaart

  • 2019 Additional training for pregnant women in yoga class / Abha Hontelez

  • 2019 Singing bowls meditation Asamee

  • 2019 Workshop Danny Snoeck Ashtanga, Pranayama

  • 2019 Workshop Robert Boustany, Pralaya yoga legs

  • 2019 Workshop Amit Kumar, Pranayama

  • 2019 Further training yin yoga and chronic diseases / Skadi van Paasschen

  • 2020/2021 Fundamentals of yoga/Yoga ininternational

  • 2021 Chakra Healing/Ira Nagel

  • 2021 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Danielle Bersma

  • 2021 Diaphragmatic breathing in long Covid/Danielle Bersma

  • 2022 Chakra Activate/Rianne Manten

  • 2022 Roadmap/Michael Pilarczyk

  • 2022 Transformative coaching/Robert Bridgeman

  • 2022 Manifesting from your heart / Robert Bridgeman

  • 2023 Mindfulness/Civas Training

  • 2023 Additional training in hormones/Roisin Verheul

  • 2023 Additional training Kashmir Yoga/Carin Hoogstraten

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  • 2023-2024 Breathwork Instructor/Yoga Lap

  • 2024 Basic and advanced Kundalini/Dharamsaal course

  • 2024 Spiritual Life/Robert Bridgeman

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